How the Shop System works

The user interface of our shop system uses Flash, the database uses MySQL and the interface between user interface and database is in PHP script.
The modular design means that our product-builder can be added on to existing Internet software. Being so carefully programmed according to the most up-to-date of rules and background conditions, the configuration software in the product-builder will cope with the most complex of dependencies.

The tool is aware what measurement conditions will permit a component to be included and what the parameters of that component may be - i.e., in any product-building step, only the technically feasible options will be available. At the same time, relations between several groups of components or parts can be taken account of.

There is no limit to the options for the end-product in the tool itself. The user obtains from the Internet the complete, up-to-date and correct product details. Likewise, a log of prices, weights etc can be provided in the course of the configuration. The tool owner can set a »not allowed« list to preclude unavailable/undesirable choices.

The programming permits truly unlimited configuration, even including components from different suppliers, and without limitation of size or shape or angle of presentation of the parts to be combined, which can be »assembled« accurately at the technically correct point with the prescribed angle because the product-builder can turn or rotate them. The database has been so designed that the high speeds necessary for real-time visualisation are always maintained.

Updating the database involves only addition or alteration of the specific components' details, not a replacement of the whole set of data. Data maintenance is thus an easy matter. As the representation of the final product is (unknown to the customer) the outcome of many individual photographs, the tool owner has only to furnish photos of the separate items. It is not necessary for there to be a physical »end-product« already physically available, which saves assembly and studio costs.

Award for our visual Configurator: »Innovationspreis 2007 ITK« category »Online-Marketing«

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