What the Shop System can do

To date, no other service can emulate the Shop System or its individual elements of specialist advice, product-builder and glossary. On the Internet, though it is common to use a »shop« to sell the sort of product which has many style variations requiring explanation, none of these shops can offer advice or produce a product configuration or work in more than 2D. Our system of purchasing advice, accompanying the customer through his or her online shopping choices and culminating in the best possible product for that customer, is unrivalled.

1. The Adviser

To keep aborted purchases to a minimum, our specialist »shopkeeper« finds out in a relaxed, intuitive dialogue which is the best product for the customer. The data given by the customer then enables him or her to take the right product »off the peg« and purchase it or to use the configuratorr to put together just what was wanted.

2. The Configurator

The customer describes his or her wishes and requirements, selecting from list-boxes; the product-builder »creates« the product, at the same time keeping it within feasibility limits. All the possible variations can thus be tested. The price will be constantly up-dated. At each stage of the configuration, the components appear as scale photographs and are elegantly attached in real time to the product being built up.

At the end of the process, the customer can use the configuration tool to turn the product through 3 dimensions, examining it from all sides before ordering.

3. The Online »Off the Peg« Shop

This is a part of the system which suits customers with enough knowledge to bypass consultation, who are only interested in finding a known product or specific information. The separate element can be added to if necessary, or can replace an existing »shop«.

4. The Glossary

Using the glossary helps the online shop to work with correct definitions, eliminating the difficulties due to differing national, regional or technical terms.

Award for our visual Configurator: »Innovationspreis 2007 ITK« category »Online-Marketing«

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