Sales booster individual products

Consumer reports have been indicating since mid-2007 that there has been a wind of change through almost every branch of industry. The trend is no longer to »pile them high and sell them cheap« but to sell higher-value, tailor-made products. Customers are now seeking individual solutions at the price of the standard product.
Increasingly, the central business strategy of successful enterprises is the individualisation of mass-produced goods. Our configuration instrument makes it possible for companies to combine the advantages of efficient mass production with those of individual manufacture to a customer's wishes.
An international first, the configurator will compose, from individual parts and pictures, with the clarity of a photograph, any product that has a number of options in its design. The tool works whatever the size, shape or angle of the parts to be combined. Purchasing our configuration tool opens up to your enterprise a new means of visual marketing. Make customers curious about your company, show them how much better you are than the competition: increase your turnover.


Award for our visual Configurator: »Innovationspreis 2007 ITK« category »Online-Marketing«

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