What the configurator can do

To date, verbal configuration has been pretty much the only means available of putting together an individually designed product from the possible options. The verbal method does, indeed tend to improve the processes of production and ordering, but this is the main benefit and it tends not to increase turnover per se.

The visual tool we have developed serves small and medium-sized enterprises in a completely new way, enabling them to market products with a high design element in a variety of options. Within seconds, the user can perfectly and quite seamlessly configure his or her ideal product with the clarity of a photograph, adding parts and items in turn. The shape, the size and the angle of any of the parts to be incorporated is immaterial.

The algorithms contained in the configuration tool will move, turn and assemble them accurately at the technically correct point with the prescribed angle. The tool makes it possible to put together elements from different manufacturers without making any changes to the software.

The user is conducted through the purchasing process (or, perhaps, simply the configuration), following the easy, intuitive and checkable instructions without any of the knowledge of the product which would otherwise be necessary. He or she is given an instant picture of the potential components, of the stage of configuration reached and of the product when configuration is complete.

And so, shopping becomes an exciting interaction, the urge to purchase is encouraged, and the customer has a unique opportunity to put together an »ideal« product in a playful but highly professional manner. The tool is modular and extendable (with modules such as glossary or technical advice).


Award for our visual Configurator: »Innovationspreis 2007 ITK« category »Online-Marketing«

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