Cost of the configurator

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A separate price calculation has to be made for each system purchased to reflect the time and effort demanded by the product range. The variables will be the number of configuration steps, the complexity of the relationships between the individual parts and any variations in the size or angle of the parts.

As a guide to our many enquirers we have costed the most usual configuration types. These figures apply to situations where the dependencies between the individual parts are simple: any element will be related to no more than two of the previously selected parts: for example, brake levers which depend on the model selected and the type of brakes selected.

Sample prices:
  • 3 configuration stages, each with 4 elements:    2,160.00 € (excluding VAT/sales tax)
  • 5 configuration stages, each with 5 elements:    3,580.00 € (excluding VAT/sales tax)
  • 8 configuration stages, each with 10 elements:    6,800.00 € (excluding VAT/sales tax)

The above calculations assume that ready-clipped photographs have been supplied. The more complex the dependencies and the numerous the additional factors to be taken into account, the more complicated will be the programming and in these cases an individual price will have to be calculated.

Scope of Services:
Planning, design

  • Designing of configurator front end
  • Specification of interface between database, logic and front-end realisation
  • Realisation of front-end design in Adobe Flash using ActionScript
  • Development of the database scheme on basis of data provided
  • Optimisation of photographs for Internet use
  • Calculation and insertion of attachment points (at which photographs of individual items are inserted to produce a seamless, realistic whole)
  • Programming of the product-building stages (creation of PHP script to act as interface between MySQL database and ActionScript)
  • Takeover of data into Flash (XML structure of the component in question is read in and front-end processing and display organised)
  • Entry and maintenance of data.


Award for our visual Configurator: »Innovationspreis 2007 ITK« category »Online-Marketing«

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