The Specialists in Visual Product Selling

Here at WEBS we have concentrated our advertising service on the development of visual product selling methods. We have produced a »configurator«, or product-builder, which enables the user to compose in real time, from individual parts and pictures, a personalised, realistic »product« with the clarity of a photograph. The tool works whatever the size, shape or angle of the parts to be combined.
Intuitively, a customer will be able to construct a desired product online and order it according to the picture he or she has gradually built up. This active configuration is a persuasive tool to convey the variety and beauty of a range of products. The configuration tool can be used either by agents or commercial representatives involved in distribution, or by a company selling direct via the Internet.

Products that lend themselves to the configurator might be

  • motorbikes, scooters, bicycles
  • off-the-peg houses, garages, trailer homes
  • doors, windows
  • machinery and plant
  • toys
  • clocks, watches, jewellery
  • furniture

Special offer:

20% discount for each first visual WEBS configurator in a line of business!

actual Project

Award for our visual Configurator: »Innovationspreis 2007 ITK« category »Online-Marketing«

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